Chinese Imams Dance to Pledge Allegiance to the State.

Uyghur Imams yesterday danced on the streets of Urumqi as they pledged their allegiance to the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China (CPC). The visibly elated imams danced on the streets as they proceeded to the city’s central square where they danced en masse and proudly pledged an oath to refrain from teaching young children Islamist doctrines and also uphold Chinese values. A number of overjoyed imams even acclaimed that their incomes from the Communist party.

The imams who administer the mosques in Xinjiang province carried the Chinese flags and even enlisted several Muslim university students to participate in a dance in support of civilization. The clerics proclaimed that the soul is at peace when the nation is at peace.

Overzealous imams even delivered speech encouraging young people to refrain from attending mosques and participating in prayer due to health considerations. This speech received wide acclaim from female teachers who swore an oath to keep children away from a harmful religion.

Several Muslim clerics acknowledged that some aspects of their religion were harmful to the human soul.

Most Muslims in China are Uyghurs. Uyghur is a Turkic ethnic group whose population inhabits the Xinjiang Autonomous region of Northwestern China.

Muslim militants have waged a low-scale secessionist insurgency against the central government in an attempt to fragment China and establish a Muslim enclave to be known as East Turkestan. Additionally, al Qaeda linked terrorists of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement have conducted terrorist acts in China, Syria, Central Asia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Chinese counter-terrorism efforts have greatly limited their scope of activities in mainland China.

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