China Violated Arms Embargo in West Africa Shipment

China violated a United Nations arms embargo after it failed to properly declare its arms shipment to UN peacekeepers in Mali.

UN Peacekeepers in Mali get their supplies of rations and arms via Ivory Coast, a country slowly recovering from a political conflict.

China shipped military hardware, ammunition, and sophisticated weapons through Ivory Coast but did not declare the actual profile of the consignment.

The UN Security Council has confirmed that China understated its arms shipments of military hardware, weapons, and ammo  by 21 metric tons (23.15 tons).

The arms consignment was meant for Chinese troops in Mali serving under the United Nations peace keeping force, a 12000 strong contingent sent to stabilize Mali after French troops pushed them out of strategic areas.

MINUSMA arms supplies are routed through Abidjan Ivory Coast to Mali, a land locked country currently banned from purchasing military equipment.

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