China Joins U.S., Says it Supports U.N. on New Sanctions on North Korea

nuclear-testsChina has expressed support to new U.N. sanctions to be forced on North Korea over the nuclear test it directed in September.

Since North Korea's fifth and biggest nuclear test on September 9, United States and China, a close ally of North Korea, have been arranging another draft Security Council resolution to rebuff Pyongyang.

That draft content was as of late given to the three permanent board veto powers – England, France and Russia.

Two other council diplomats affirmed China has consented to new sanctions on North Korea but Russia had a few issues.

The United States and China have concurred on the sanctions, but Russia is postponing activity on a draft determination, a senior Security Chamber representative said on Wednesday (November 23).

The representative, who spoke on condition of anonymity, trusted China could convince Russia to consent to the new sanctions and that the 15-part Security Council could vote on the draft determination as right on time as one week from now.


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