Captured Al-Shabaab Commander Paraded by Jubbaland Administration

The interim Jubbaland administration in southern Somalia paraded an Al-Shabaab commander captured by its forces in a battle near sea port city of Kismayo, about 500 kilometers south of Mogadishu.

According to a Jubbaland official, the detained Al-Shabaab is a top ranking militant figure of foreign origin, possibly Ethiopian national.

The Al-Shabaab commander was arrested during a military operation conducted at Abdalla-Birole area, outskirt the southern port city of Kismayo, the regional administration capital of Lower Juba.

Jubbaland state forces in collaboration with KDF-AMISOM troops, launched ant-Al Shabaab offensive code named “Juba River” last week, aimed at pushing Al-Shabaab militants out of the remaining localities of Lower Juba region.

Jubbaland said it is questioning the Al Shabaab commander arrested by it security forces in the operation at at Abdalla-Birole village for more leads on terrorists’ operations.



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