Burundi-Rwanda Diplomatic Row, Worsening

burundi policeBUJUMBURA Burundi, March 13, 2016

Diplomatic relations between Burundi and Rwanda seems to worsen by day. In the past few months Burundi has alleged Burundi to be supporting Burundian rebels in destabilizing the country.

Sunday 13th March 2016, latest reports from Bujumbura indicate that security forces have paraded a man accused of being a Rwandan spy.

The man identified as Corporal Rucyahintare Cyprien was arrested on Monday near the Rwandan border.

According to Burundi police spokesman Pierre Nkurikiye, the man (Cyprien) was on a spying mission saying it was the third such mission he carried out in Burundi.

Cyprien was presented to the media at the offices of the National Intelligence Service (SNR. The intelligence officials alleged that his latest mission in Burundi was to negotiate with an organization if they will hide 200 fighters involved in attacks in the country.

The political crisis between Burundi and Rwanda is almost hitting one year. The crisis has left more than 400 people killed and 240,000 others displaced.

Thousands of Rwandans who live in Burundi have also fled for fear of frequent arrests by Burundi authorities since violence erupted in April 2015.

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