Burundi Rejects AU Deployment of East Africa Standby Force

Eastern Africa Standby Force23rd December 2015, Burundi has rejected African Union deployment of peacekeeping troops in the country.

In barely a week after AU agreed it would send peacekeeping force to the country amid fears of escalating violence plunging the country back towards a civil war, now Burundi has rejected AU Force Deployment with its parliament saying it would be considered an invasion force

Burundi’s National Security Council (NSC) which includes President Pierre Nkurunziza and his entire cabinet on Tuesday rejected the AU’s move to deploy the force.

Foreign Minister Alain Nyamitwe criticized the African Union for not consulting his government before deciding on sending peacekeepers.

Burundi’s crisis started in April 2015 and worsened when President Pierre Nkuruziza was re-elected on a controversial third term.

His third bid into the highest office was termed unconstitutional.

In the recent few months, chaos and killings have been witnessed in the country’s capital Bunjumbura.

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all Burundian soldiers in foreign missions should go back to theie country since it is also a an invasion force wherever they are,in addition to this Burundi should be sanctioned by and blacklisted by EAC,AU and other trade blocks.we need to secure Burundi by all means what is burundi anyway incomparison with AU? we will enter there by force and do what military is expected to do during its operations as per our call to restore peace,security and stability in Burundi.we cant negotiate with Burundian soldiers for what and why and when? the suffering and cry of Burundians has reached all of us and our intent is to see a better and a transformed Burundi free from ethnic violence.we need good governance,rule of law which protects human rights and good governance,we are up to this agenda hitherto end.we cant allow burundian suffer any longer for no apparent reason.Nkurunzizza is not the only capable burundian to be the president.There are many and able leaders in Burundi and we need patriotic and democratic leaders to assume power in Burundi but at the moment we dont impose any leader in Burundi,let the citizens have a voice in the ballot and choose the leaders of their desire.May Almighty God bless Burundi at this moment of suffering.Our fellow brothers and sisters in Burundi are hungry,thirsty,homeless,grieving,alienated,sick,tired plus all manner of hardships to human life ,are going through.at this moment we appeal for calm as we initiate the best possible methodology to end crimes against humanity and genocide in young burundi.I wish you all burundians the best of luck and God is with you.

why do some african leaders think that they are a special gift sent by GOD to there people, yaani afadhali nchi ichomeke kuliko mwengine aongoze. africa inakaa ni kama imelaaniwa.