Burundi, DRC Urge UN To Take Action Against Rwanda; Recruiting And Arming Burundian Rebels

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Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo through a letter to UN Security Council urged the council to take action against Rwanda which has faced accusations of training refugees to oust the current Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza.

Rwanda has however denied any involvement in training refugee rebels to use them to overthrow the current government whose reelection has thrown Burundi into political chaos and violence.


Burundi’s UN Ambassador Albert Shingiro called for an urgent council meeting to address the claims brought against Rwanda of arming and training rebel with the sole purpose of ousting the government of the day in Burundi.

Burundi and DRC have sent letters to the UN Security Council urging the council take action against Rwanda and stop any actions by Rwanda to further destabilize Burundi.

According to a previous independent report, Rwanda has been recruiting, training arming Burundian refugees and further transporting them in Burundi through DRC actions that have been seen as interfering with the political process of Burundi which is already fragile as it is.

France is preparing a draft resolution that could provide for a UN police force to be deployed to Burundi to help quell the violence after Nkurunziza rejected a proposed 5 000 African Union peacekeeping force.

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