Burundi Agrees Deployment of AU Troops To Restore Peace

Burundi Agrees Deployment of AU Troops
Burundi's President Pierre Nkunziza and Government Agrees AU to Deploy Troops and Monitors
Burundi’s President Pierre Nkunziza and Government Agrees AU to Deploy Troops and Monitors


Burundi agreed AU to deploy to troops and observers as part of peace restoring efforts.

Burundi on Saturday announced that it has agreed AU to deploy 100 human rights observers and 100 military monitors to evaluate the situation in Burundi.

AU high delegation to Burundi comprised of five heads of state was led by South Africa president Jacob Zuma.

South African Presidency issued a statement following the conclusion of fruitful and productive deliberations.

The meeting that took two days involved various stakeholders comprising of Burundi government, political parties and civil society. AU delegation was satisfied by contribution of all the stakeholders.

Jacob Zuma led delegation also expressed its concerns about the levels of violence, loss of life, and the general state of political instability in Burundi. The delegation through the statement said that solution to Burundi political problems can be attained only through inclusive and peaceful engagement.

Burundi government on her part said its committed to provide open space for free political activity by people of Burundi and to ensure there is media freedom.

Burundi plunged into violence after Pierre Nkurunziza attempted to seek a third term in April last year. Nkurunziza however won the highly disputed elections in July 2015.

December 2015, Pierre Nkurunziza’s government vehemently had opposed AU resolve to deploy 5,000 AU troops to restore peace in the country terming the move as breaching the sovereignty of Burundi.

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