Britain To Send Troops To Somalia To Fight Al Shabaab

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David Cameron, United Kingdom’s Prime Minister has in a statement on 28th September announced the deployment of Dozens of British troops into Somalia for peacekeeping mission to counter the Al Shabaab militants.

The over 70 personnel will join the United Nations Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM)that supports the AMISOM troops in fighting the Jihadist in Somalia.


British troops will soon be deployed to Somalia under the UN contingent; UNOSOM to fight the al Qaeda affiliates Harakat al Shabaab al Mujahedeen based in Somalia.

David Cameron the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, announced this on September 28 barely a fortnight since an almost similar pledge to deploy personnel to South Sudan was made. The troops will provide wholesome support for the African Union troops fighting the militants in Somalia.

Cameron is expected to make an official pledge at the UN General Assembly summit currently taking place.

The troops deployed to either East African countries will provide combat and medical training, logistical and engineering support for the troops. The troops will equivalently help both countries set up the damaged vital infrastructure in readiness for a stable economy.

The move by the UK to provide troops to Somalia is expected to curb future migrant influx into Europe which in the past month is creating dire humanitarian crises in the European countries.

Cameron insisted that the troops would be involved in combat rather contribute to stability, “It means less terrorism, less migration, less piracy. Ditto in South Sudan: if we can, as peacekeepers, help to maintain order and peace and see stable development in that country then that is going to be, again, less poverty, less migration, less issues that affect us back at home.”

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The troops’ presence in Somalia will not only boost the morale of the already present troops but directly improve the standards of the peacekeeping troops by rendering their superior training and expertise in training, engineering and mentoring.

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What irony, only 70 in this country, that has not even reached peace enforcement stage, while you take 300 to S Sudan, a peacekeeping force, I disagree with this and question their intentions…

I think they shud be vetted otherwise this cud be more than meets the eye, let me hope no weapon from these so called british army wil fall under alshabab, so far amisom is just doing final touches so tht for once we cud hve peace in somalia, so lets watch on these britons, as one wud say, you shud know pple

The British should keep off Somalia by all cost to avoid change of heart of the popularous. The Somalis might change the approach in support of the war. Let them channel all the support and resources to AMISOM and leave ground war to the AU troops.

The Wise Are Preparing The Way For The Imminet Coming Of The Messiah Jesus Christ While Those Who Do Not Understand The Dispensation We Are Living In Are On Blame Game!

Nothing to celebrate!!! Am getting concerned about that after the Amisom, cornering, the terrorists and their (financiers) now they come in the name of fighting terrorists!!?? Why don’t they help Amisom in finance and logistics?? Coz am sure the Amisom has closed all avenues of militias to get weapons, where on this planet earth Americans and British enters and leave peace???

COWARDS!..COWARDS…!Where were they when the Alshaabab was hijacking ships at will?They had their tails btn their legs in fear and now they come running to take the glory after Africa has taken charge of her affairs and contained the Alshaabab.Shame on them…I suspect they’re on another mission..Alshaabab is just a smokescreen but they’ll be doomed…Pigs!If only the west knew just how fed up we are with their hypocricy!

lol what a joke after the jobs done just to get your name attached to that win send them to libya instead they helped create that mess let them help there then send them home to try n stop exporting terrorists

To help al-shabaab as they have been helping the isis in syria. The al-shabaab and boko haram have pledged their allegiance to isis which admittedly being recruited and armed by the US led coalition. My question is how can they help the isis while at the same time they are fighting his brother?