Britain to Send Special Forces in Somalia to Combat Al-Shabaab Terror Group

British soldiers from B Company, 2 Mercian on an operation in Malgir, Helmand.

The British Government announced deployment of special forces with vast knowledge & training in overseas missions and counter terrorism to combat the threat of terrorism in Somalia.

The objective of the deployment is to tackle the rising threat of jihadists and the refugee crisis that manifests through terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism.

"Hundreds of British troops will be deployed to Somalia and South Sudan to train African peacekeeping forces in order to foster “less terrorism and less migration. Our Armed Forces have a long history of delivering security and stability to some of the most difficult environments in the world, and I am proud to offer British support and expertise to peacekeeping operations in Somalia and South Sudan. Our commitment to peacekeeping operations will help to alleviate serious humanitarian and security issues in Somalia and South Sudan, helping to bring stability to the region and preventing these challenges from spreading further afield," David Cameron, British Prime Minister

The overview draws out a picture of military advisers who will be deployed to fight alongside AMISOM troops.

It'd mean these special forces will be split into units that'll work in the various AMISOM Military sectors in Somalia.

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An ideological war can never be won physically,the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual that’s why we pray for our hero’s KDF in Boni forest fighting AL shabab and those in Somalia so that God would open their eyes and give the the spirit of confidence to face this fierce enemy. We know they are facing a tough war of principalities and powers but our Sovereign God Jesus will deliver the enemies to them and victory will be ours.

@Peter monda, you are right, bt truth be told, they didn’t want to commit ground troops, apart frm afew special opps n advisers, amisom troops have borne the brunt of the war esp Uganda n Burundi.

The US&Britain have been doing drone attacks in Somalia for a long time. Infact the U.S has killed more al-shabaab leaders than AMISOM combined.The problem with us Kenyans is that we are too mean to accept a few realities when they do not massage our egos