Britain Extends Air Strikes In Iraq To 2017 When Tornado Fighter Jet Retires


  • August 4, 2015– Britain through her Defence Secretary announced the extension of the use of Tornado fighter jets in the airstrikes against Islamic State in Iraq until 2017.
  • Britain’s Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said the air campaign against IS in Iraq would stretch a year further than earlier predicted.
  • The Tornado fighter jets were schedules to stay operational until March 2016 when they would be taken out of service.


Britain is a member of the US-led coalition against the Islamic State in Syria but has additional backing from her parliament to carry out strikes in Iraq. They have been using the Tornado Fighter Jet in the operations both in Syrian and Iraq.

Britain has announced the extension of the use of the ageing Tornado fighter jets in the airstrikes against Islamic State in Iraq until 2017 after which they will be taken out of service.

According to Michael Fallon, “the Tornado Squadrons have proved their worth in the air campaign because of the precision weapons they have and the reconnaissance and surveillance that they carry out when not striking.”

Tornado Fighter Jet nicknamed ‘Tonka’ in Britain is a twin-engine, variable-sweep wing jet that can be used for multiple roles including attack and conducting reconnaissance.

It is equipped with a variety of NATO approved air-launched weapons including unguided and laser-guided bombs, anti-ship and anti-radiation missiles, as well as specialized weapons such as anti-runway arms and anti-personnel mines.


The fighter jet has been credited for being able to conduct low level penetration on target with distinct precision weapons.

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The Tornado Jet fighter has been a very high value weapon in the fight against the Islamic State both in Syria and Iraq receiving huge acclamation from the United States and her allies.

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