Boko Haram’s Financier And Stimulants Supplier Arrested In Borno State

Boko Haram’s FinancierHighlights:

Nigerian Army on Tuesday October 6th announced the arrest of a suspected Boko Haram financier and stimulants dealer in Borno State.

The suspect identified as Mohammed Maina was arrested with 1 million Naira in cash and other items including kola nuts which are a stimulant.


Nigerian Army announced the arrest of alleged Boko Haram financier Mohammed Maina on Tuesday October 6th in Borno State. Maina was arrested with 1Million Naira and other items including them Kola nuts used as stimulants.

Maina is alleged to gather money and supplies from Boko Haram sympathizers in the region and send them to the militants’ camps. Investigations conducted on him further revealed that he was a major supplier of stimulants to the militants especially the kola nuts which help the fighter stay alert at night.

The arrest of Maina has been as a result of a list of Boko Haram sympathizers and financiers in the possession of Nigeria’s military and national intelligence. The list was related to the recent suicide bombing in Maiduguri.

The intelligence agencies i.e. military and national have increased their cooperation in Nigeria to xero on financiers and sympathizers of Boko Haram as a an indirect approach to crippling the militants capability of launching co-ordinated attacks either in Nigeria or her neighbors

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