Boko Haram Soon To Be Defeated As Multinational Task Force Exudes Confidence

The head of the multinational task force fighting against Boko Haram Nigerian-born General Lucky Irabor said that the war is making numerous milestones which will yield a victory. Though he warned against suicide attacks, he seemed optimistic that the war would see the Islamists defeat.

Irabor said, “Boko Haram and other criminal gangs, their end has come. Boko Haram is on the downward trend,” Irabor told the soldiers. “That alone should motivate you to know that the war is being won, and for you to give in the last of your energy and your commitment so that they would be entirely defeated.”

He further urged his force to the world with the self-defense groups on the ground who had intelligence on would-be attacks to increase their chances of stopping the suicide bombers, especially in the IDP refugee camps.

Cameroon’s government has announced plans to provide seeds to farmers and financial aid to unemployed youths to start small businesses, but the people of the village say they are still waiting. ┬áThe move is in line with an elaborate plan to restore the lives of those displaced by the insurgents.

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