AU Criticizes The EU Allowance Cuts To AMISOM Personnel, Strategizing On Long-Term Funding Framework


10th February 2016: the African Union has criticized the European Union’s decision to cut the funding to the peacekeeping mission in Somalia by 20% amidst increased terror attack by the al Shabaab terrorists.

According to AU which has 22,000 troops operating under AMISOM, the funding cuts will immensely and negatively affect the operationability of the mission which heavily relies on the funding from the EU and other ally-donors.


European Union have announced a 20% cut in the funding that is channeled to the peace keeping mission in Somalia that currently stands at $200 million annually. The resolution was agreed upon by European Union Parliament cutting the largest source of financing for the over 22,000 troops in Somalia under AMISOM.

The funding cut will directly affect the uniformed personnel whose allowances will reducing which would in turn affect the morale of the soldiers at such a time when they are expected to be at full operation mode due to the increased attacks by the militants.

The AU has criticized this decision but has set up their efforts to seek alternative funding sources to make sure that the current allowance framework is maintained to avoid any hitches in the operations at hand.

AU officials have however taken to strategize of a long term funding strategy that will the war against al Shabaab to a more cost-effective and swift resolution that will not be susceptible to constant funding cuts and deficits.

On 16 September 2013, the EU and Somalia jointly launched what they called ‘A new deal for Somalia’ at a Brussels event, involving a pledge of €650 million in aid to fight the al Qaeda affiliated Al Shabaab.

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I wish they would too, but not to stop at the so-called aid but to cut all the economically exploitative links with these blood suckers. Guess what, these exploiters would not allow our governments to be economically independent of them, because they benefit more than we do. Numbers don’t lie. Otherwise >80% of our people would not be living in abject poverty and wage slavery!

If you think the Euro-American regimes are interested in your people’s wellbeing more than your fellow Africans are, you’ve got another big shocker coming your way. Look at what they’ve done to Iraq, Syria or fellow African state, Libya! Wake up before they destroy your country using your own hands!

They would have helped Egyptian government, which is more pro-Western than most countries in the region! But you see the terrorist dogs of war are creeping on Egypt by the day killing soldier, police and civilian (Christian as well as Muslim)! Do you still believe these are spontaneous religious clashes????

This is what I’ve always said. Our Euro-American so-called friends have not truly been with us in combating terrorism. They only want to use the scourge to advance their imperialistic interests in Africa. They can’t on the one hand claim to be combating terrorism while with the other, actually support terrorism (Libya, Syrian & Iraq are cases in point) and then withdraw support when we’re getting into the thick of this fight!