32 AMISOM Troops (SNA & KDF) Killed in SVBIED Attack at Kulbiyow Somalia

Kenya's Afrcan Mission to Somalia contigent (KDF-AMISOM) based in Kulbiyow have tacticallly withdrew from their joint base with Somali National Army SNA after a twin suicide vehicle bound improvised explosive devices (SVBIED), followed by a gun and RPG attack at 0400HRS EAT Friday 27th/1/2017.

The army retreated from the encampment to avoid troop loss as communication system failed. The army inflicted heavy casualities on the enemy.

Initial battle damage assessment show that both the army (KDF & SNA) and the attacking terrorists suffered major losses.

The base was lost and destroyed by the attackers. Equipment including vehicles and arms were burnt and others stolen.

Reinforcements deployed by the Kenya Defense Forces in Kenya encountered masive IEDS along the MSR and had to abandon mission.

Army is planning a counter operation though this is not a KDF mandate but  AMISOM 


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