AMISOM Update on Woman Injured by Shrapnel from Al-Shabaab Planted IED

AMISOM has given an Update about a Woman who was injured by shrapnel from IED planted by Al-Shabaab saying she is recuperating in Hospital.

AMISOM gave the update to shun allegations made by a local media organization in Somalia which claimed AMISOM’s convoy killed a woman in Albao area, about 20kilometers northwest of Mogadishu, on July 9, 2017.

In the interest of the people of Somalia, AMISOM stated the following;

  1. On 9 July 2017, an AMISOM convoy from Albao Forward Operating Base (FOB) ran into an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), which exploded and seriously damaged one of its vehicles.
  2. A soldier sustained minor injuries while fragments from the IED hit and injured a Somali woman who was nearby.
  3. The woman who was pregnant was immediately evacuated to the AMISOM level II hospital, where she received emergency treatment and was later transferred to a local hospital in central Mogadishu, for further treatment.
  4. The woman is in a stable condition and continues to receive in-patient care.

The allegations made by local media (Shabelle Media) have been investigated by the Civilian Casualty Tracking, Analysis and Response Cell (CCTARC) and were found to be false. Claims that the woman had been killed by AMISOM is therefore malicious and a deliberate move meant to cause disaffection and damage to the reputation of the AU Mission.

AMISOM has reiterated its commitment in battling the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab and making Somalia secure and stable. The AU force keeping mission in Somalia also committed to sharing information with the media that would help them write factual stories and correctly inform the people.

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AMISOM appeals to journalists to be professional and fair in their reports and desist from misleading the public.

Source: AMISOM


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