AMISOM Troops Launch Fresh Airstrikes on Al Shabaab Bases


Tuesday 11th August 2015, Ethiopian military which is under the banner of African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) launched fresh airstrikes against members of the Harakat al Shabaab al Mujahideen Movement in Somalia.

Ethiopian warplanes continue with aerial campaigns in the war torn horn of Africa nation hitting several Al Shabaab targets in Geedweyne village which is about 30 kilometers west of Diinsoor district in Bay region.


Diinsoor district was recently captured by AMISOM forces from the militants.  Credible OSINT report indicates that the fighter jets targeted the militant’s operational bases in Geedweyne settlement, a region where Al Shabaab commanders have reportedly been holding a meeting.

The deafening explosions from the aerial bombardments in Geedweyne area indicate that the militant fighters are still trying to regroup and fight back in a move to reclaim Diinsoor regions which was one of their strategic strongholds.

The remnants of the Al Shabaab militants are trying to start mobilizing attacks against Diinsoor that recently fell to the control of the combined forces.

Al Shabaab in the last few weeks has suffered string of blows from the AMISOM troops where dozens of their fighters have been killed, logistical bases have been destroyed forcing the militants to repulse into hiding.


In these fights, Al Shabaab militants have lost ten of dozens of their fighters; strategic areas have been captured making it hard for the jihadists to conduct proper logistics.

Though the group has faced strong campaigns from the allied forces, the group may slowly be regrouping. Their recent video also is calling for more youths to join Hijra (Jihad) meaning the militant group is trying to recruit more fighters to fill in the gaps left from their slain members.

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