AMISOM Forces Confirm Killing Dozens Al Shabaab Militants in Hiiraan Region

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Officials have confirmed that AMISOM forces in Hiiran region have killed up to 98 members of the Harakat al Shabaab al Mujahideen Movement in Somalia.

On 7th August 2015, AMISOM forces engage in a fierce fight against the militants, recaptured and took control of several key areas, Garsani and Nur Fanah settlements in Hiiraan region from the militants.

Al Shabaab fighters’ also engaged the AMISOM troops with fierce resistance during the takeover of these areas.

AMISOM forces is made of troops from Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Sierra Leone.


According to the head of the missions in sector 4, Col. Abdirahman Dhimbil, dozens of Al Shabaab militants have been killed in aerial raids in Booko settlement.

AMISOM forces continue to record success in operations in the region after dislodging the Somali based militants from key towns in the region such as Halgan, Buq-aqable and Moqokori. The towns are located to the west of Baladweyne.

AMISOM have intensified their campaigns against the militants though the militants are trying to fight back. The militants few days ago targeted the combined forces in a suicide attack after losing control of Buq-aqable but their attacks were successfully foiled.


In the last few weeks the Somali based jihadist group has lost several other important towns including Barawe, Kismayu, Bardheere and Diinsoor which the militant group relied on as a source of revenue and supplies.

Somalia National Army (SNA) and AMISOM troops need to be on the lookout as the militants are believed to be regrouping in the rural areas in Galhareeri and in Harardheere, though according to the Col. Abdirahman, the two locations are in the radar of the combined forces.

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