AMISOM Foils Al-Shabaab Suicide Attack in Adado Somalia

Al Shabaab Militia Killed by Kenya - SF Operations

Al Shabaab Militia Killed by Kenya - SF Operations

An attempted suicide attack in Adado Somalia has been foiled after Ethiopian AMISOM troops neutralized the would be suicide bombers.

Intelligence reports about the event show that 3 men armed with automatic riffles inside a van laced with explosives attempted to drive in the van into the Kafala conference center in Adado district of Central Somalia.

The target was the 400 representatives participating in the central state formation conference Kafala conference center.

All 3 militiamen were neutralized alongside the driver of the van.

Al Shabaab attempted to conduct a suicide and gun attack on a regional state political conference in Adado District of Somalia.

The attackers, 3 gunmen and the suicide bomber cum driver of the van were killed. The driver of the van attempted to drive into the conference hall by ramming through the gate.

AMISOM troops deployed at the facility intercepted the attackers and neutralized the threat effectively.


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