AMISOM Calls for Patience & Cooperation as Shabaab Offensive Intensify

AMISOM chief Francisco Madeira has called for patience and cooperation from across the country as AMISOM forces mount a major offensive against Al-Shabaab terrorists.

Madeira called on support noting the intensified operations may cause inconveniences.

 “We also appeal for unity among the Somali people, federal and the regional states and all partners helping Somalia, stand again in its feet,” Madeira said adding all resources available must not be spared to win the war against Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab.

AMISOM chief also called on the public to provide intelligence to the security forces to ensure we take on the terrorists as one united force. Every citizen has a role to play in the effort to ensure Somalia is pacified and freed from all elements of terror.

AMISOM has intensified its operations in Lower Shabelle region from last week in what it said will be a long drawn offensive to defeat Al-Shabaab countrywide even as the Mission aims at cutting its troops by 1000 end year.

“We are going to fight A-Shabaab in all fronts. If you see bombs blasting here in Mogadishu, don’t worry because we are dealing with an invisible enemy. And it has infiltrated some of these places but this is going to be stopped,” Madeira emphasized.

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