AMISOM Alert Somalia Residents Of Al-Shabaab Plan To Masquerade in Official AMISOM Uniforms

The Al Qaeda affiliated jihadist group in Somalia known as Al-Shabaab that is waging attacks to topple the international backed Federal Government of Somalia has in the past few weeks suffered huge losses from AMISOM troops.

Al-Shabaab militants encompass a number of elements, ranging from those focused solely on the domestic insurgency in Somalia to elements that support Al Qaeda global jihadist ideology.

Though the militant group is still conducting attacks in Somalia, the group’s capability has hugely been dented by SNA and AMISOM forces offensives.

AMISOM in the wake of recent attacks on its KDF camp has reaffirmed its commitment to eliminate the outlawed terror group.

Peace loving Somali residents have been asked to stay vigil citing of some intelligence that due to panic, Al-Shabaab is planning to use military uniforms stolen in the past to disguise themselves as AMISOM soldiers.

Military intelligence within AMISOM also warns of a scenario whereby Al-Shabaab masquerading as AMISOM forces will commit atrocities generally areas controlled by Federal Government of Somalia and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

Somali residents are thereby warned of such a plan meant to create animosity between Somalia residents and AMISOM by depicting it as the enemy.

On this reference, AMISOM has reiterated its commitment to ending Al-Shabaab militancy and called on people of Somalia to work together with Security Forces in destroying their common enemy.

Al-Shabaab is an enemy bent on spreading insecurity and preventing the people of Somalia from living in peace will finally be defeated, AMISOM vows.

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The terrorosts get the unforms through ambush…like the way they did at Kenyan camp in al adde…am told they used vehicles and uniforms they had gotten from Burundi camp raid.