AMISOM Acting Force Commander Major General Mohammedesha Zeyinu Visits Recently Liberated Towns

SOMALIA, March 15, 2016

The Acting AMISOM Force Commander Major General Mohammedesha Zeyinu toured the recently liberated towns of Somalia from the Al Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab.

During his tour, Major General Mohammedesha Zeyinu stressed the importance of troops building strong partners if war on Al-Shabaab is to be won.

Sharing of intelligence/information between troops is also vital. Somali National Army (SNA) who have an upper hand in gathering information should be able to share with allied troops.

Major General Mohammedesha Zeyinu spoke at the conclusion of his tour in the recently liberated towns of Biyo Adde and El Baraf. The two towns were captured from the terrorists by the Burundi troops.

In sector 3 Major General Zeyinu also visited manned by Ethiopian while in sector 1 he visited Baledogle which falls under the control Ugandan contingent of AMISOM.

Acting AMISOM Force Commander tour to the operation Bases (FOB) aimed at boosting morale of the forces.

Major General Zeyinu lauded AMSIOM and SNA troops for their bravery in countering and neutralizing threat posed by Al-Shabaab and other militia groups.

Purpose of the Tour

His tour was also meant to assess implementation on the ground of the decisions made during the Sector Commanders Conference in Mogadishu.

Major General Zeyinu called on the troops to continue with AU mission while exercising high level of discipline.

Building a close relation with local communities with come a long way in winning the war on terror.

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