Ali Abdul-Majid of the Al-Hijra and Plot to Bomb Kenyan Parliament

unnamedAli Abdul-Majid, a member of Pumwani Riyadha Mosque, was profiled by anti-terrorism police in 2012 when the plan to bomb the Parliament of Kenya was hatched and detected by the Kenya intelligence service.

Ali Abdul-Majid who was then an employee of Parliamentary Service Commission facilitated surveillance on the target.

The parliament terror attack was effectively foiled by the National Intelligence Service (Then National Security Intelligence Service NSIS).

Upon disruption of the parliament terror attack, some members of Al-Hijra (formerly Muslim Youth Centre-MYC) cell from Majengo area Nairobi County threatened to kill Babatundo Taiwo, a Nigerian working for the United Nations in Gigiri, Nairobi.

Ali Abdul-Majid informed Al-Hijra members operating from the Pumwani Riyadha Mosque that Babatundo Taiwo exposed him (Ali Abdul Majid) as an Al-Shabaab operative stationed at parliament.

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The UN employee had effectively surveilled on the activities of both Pumwani Riyadha Mosque based Al-Hijra and terror suspect Ali Abdul-Majid.

Security Intelligence services decided to watch on Ali Abdul-Majid, constantly disrupting terror cell activities he commissioned besides studying and tracking down his network of Al-Shabaab terror operatives.

Ali Abdul-Majid Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen contacts include personal bodyguards of wanted top ranking officer of the Al-Shabaab Mohamed Kuno Gamadheere.



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