Al-Shabaab Taking Advantage of Hunger Crisis to Drum up Support

Al-Shabaab terrorist group is now taking advantage of hunger crisis that has hit the country and drumming up support from local communities.

The Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab which has destabilized Somalia for years in taking advantage of the communities hit by hunger and purports to provide solution.

The militants hijack UN aid Lorries full of food supplies and in turn are shown distributing food and water to thousands of families in the drought-stricken areas in south and central Somalia under its control.

Al-Shabaab’s propaganda wings last week posted pictures of the terror group distributing food and other supplies to thousands of families in what is seen a move to win over the locals.

The UN is urging the international community to take action to save people in East Africa from starving to death.

Al-Shabaab terrorist’s blocks access to aid and steal the supplies. AMISOM and other allied forces called in to make sure the aid get to the communities and not into the hands of the terrorists.


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