Al-Shabaab Takes Control of a Somali Village after SNA, Allied Forces Tactical Withdrawal

Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab took control of a village in central Somalia on Thursday 23/2/2017 after Galmudug troops reportedly  vacated from the village.

Al-Shabaab took control of El-Hur village, some 40 kilometers south of Hobyo Town in Mudug region of central Somalia without any resistance.

According to reports from military assets and referenced from local residents, on Wednesday night, a large group of armed Al-Shabaab was sighted. Al-Shabaab combatants mounted in battle wagons, armed with GPMGs, RPGs, PKM and AK 47 rifles poured into Elhur.

Their intentions not known but likely to lay IEDs and ambush to nearby Galmudug encampment and environs.

Hundreds of local residents also reportedly fleeing from the village citing Al-Shabaab increased presence.

The Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab terrorist group  recently seized Amara near Haradhere town from Galmudug forces, and vowed to continue launching attacks against the areas under the control of pro-government troops.

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