Al-Shabaab Strikes Mogadishu’s Laanta-Buur With Guerillas

Al-Shabaab has staged a bold and dangerous attack on Mogadishu, our intelligence sources confirm, signalling a serious problem in the strategy used to secure Mogadishu.

Laanta-Buur area, just 25 Km away north-west Mogadishu was attacked by Al-Shabaab troops in the morning of June 1st 2012 with machine guns.

AMISOM soldiers and SNA officers were engaged in a fierce exchange of gun fire. The engagement lasted hours and the guerrilla’s managed to escape leaving the AMISOM/SNA troops rethinking their strategy for Mogadishu.

In our analysis, we find the strategy for Mogadishu lacking a lot of effective securing measures including poor intelligence gathering and civilian participation in the AMISOM efforts.

There are hundreds of Al-Shabaab intelligence officers across the city and they gather credible intelligence and advice the militants on the weaknesses of the AMISOM/TFG.

Unless the AMISOM players in this sector rethink their strategy, it will be impossible to secure Mogadishu and star an administrative center and capital there.

The fighting in Mogadishu signals serious lackluster problems in Ugandan army and other armies in-charge of that sector.

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