Al-Shabaab Plan Retaliatory Terror Attacks in Kenya and Somalia for Abid Godane Death

Intelligence gathered by resources in Somalia report Al-Shabaab leadership has ordered retaliatory attacks in Mogadishu and in unidentified location in Kenya.

Credible intelligence report planned terror attacks could take place in a major town such as Nairobi or Mombasa.

They could target a village and adopt Boko-Haram strategies.

It will be a very desperate attempt and the possibility of success remains high.

The attack is not just a-unplanned hit, it must be one of their well planned attacks which may have been shelved for the future.

All they will do or they might have done is to activate the cells and give the command to attack.

The hit, according to our analysts could be a mass causality type, hence it must be a crowded area or a government resource including security agents.

Mogadishu is to be attacked by the terror group and there could be several attacks on AMISOM troops in theater.

Mogadishu witnessed one of the boldest attempts by the terror group after it bombed an intelligence facility killing several security officials besides helping some terror suspects escape the facility.

The intelligence borders plans by Ahmed Dhere and Mohamed Rage, close allies and members of the Al-Shabaab governing council to revenge the killing of their leader Abdi-Godane who was killed on Monday by a hell-fire missile airstrike conducted using a drone.

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