Al Shabaab Not Defending Islam, But Protecting Arab Economic Interests

Al Shabaab terrorist operations in Somalia cannot be described as “jihad”, but as hostile mafia practices aimed at protecting the economic interests of nefarious external parties, most importantly, Gulf Arab interests. Many defectors from al Shabaab have resolutely stated that they deserted the terror group upon realizing that HSM activities are not sanctioned by Islam, but are meant to protect and further the economic interests of Arabs at the expense of the local population.

One of the defectors has confessed that al Shabaab operates as a criminal business enterprise which levies illegal taxes on the local population besides destroying the local economy in order to ensure that the locals are subjugated by an external race.

It is a well-known fact that al Shabaab offers potential recruits money to join the terror group without probing into their ideological and religious views. This has led to many desperate Kenyans to convert to “Islam” in order to secure a source of income through engaging in illegitimate activities. Most of these young people are absolutely ignorant of Islam but al Shabaab takes them into its fold so as to increase its manpower. This shows that the terror outfit needs armed fighters to protect its interests, and not protect Islam.

SIS can reliably conclude that al Shabaab’s activities in Somalia are illegitimate criminal practices cloaked in the religious garment of “Jihad”. HSM is using Islam as a cover for its illicit deeds and undertakings; and Islamic clerics must come out strongly against the group.

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