Al-Shabaab Maps Terror Supply Routes in Kenya

ea mapIntelligence sourced by SIS show’s that local actors and sympathizers have mapped new Al-Shabaab supply chain routes and resource mobilization avenues across Kenya.

Lamu and Mombasa are areas that will help these militants receive supplies from Middle East countries that continue to support these terrorists.

Al-Shabaab also seeks to fetch arms that are in plenty in the war torn Southern Sudan via porous border points between Northern Kenyan.

Lamu – Garissa road has provided a logistical advantage to the militants who are trying to establish bases inside Kenya.

Intelligence shows the terrorists have been able to infiltrate some security agencies where they get free access after paying bribes.

Arms and bullets from Kenya may also find their way to the North East of the country where militants are active.

Arms in the North West of Kenya, particularly in cattle rustling prone areas can be bought by the terrorists.

If these routes are not blocked and sources of the arms intercepted, terrorists might have havens in the country.

Intelligence is already there, what is required is a proactive police response to arrest and destroy these cells and networks.



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