Al-Shabaab Launch Attack on AMISOM’s Ethiopian Base, Repelled

Al-Shabaab attack AMISOM Base Manned by Ethiopian ForcesOSINT SUMMARY

Military intelligence update from Somalia reveals that a heavy fighting has been report in a military base run by Ethiopian troops. Ethiopian troops are battling the militants in Somalia under the banners of African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

The ENDF military base is located about 260 kilometers north of Somali’s capital Mogadishu.

Correconding OSINT reports indicate that a suicide car bomb (SVBIED) was used to ram the main entrance of the base in the village of Halgan.

The heavily armed militants reportedly followed by attacks with gun fire the same style the militants used in KDF El-Adde camp.

Ethiopian troops managed to counter the attack, from the ground and supported their helicopters.

The fighting that started at around 5.00 a.m. local time is reportedly going on though they have been repelled from the military fence. Scanty details of the casualties from both warring sides.

(More Update to follow)

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