Al Shabaab Hacks Kenyan Media

HackA few hours ago, the Somali Islamist group – Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen – has been able to successfully execute its first cyber-attack against Kenya by hacking the media site of a well-known national newspaper; The Star:

The success of this feat indicates a divergence of strategies within the terror group. It is quite probable that Al Shabaab has been operating a cyber-unit, and this  infers that the Somali terror group has received considerable assistance from Al Qaeda. The defaced page of the online newspaper read as follows:

“We thank our lone mujahedeen Mohammed Ali of Jicho Pevu for recruiting more mujahedeen and fighting the Kuffar and apostate government of Kenya.

The government should move with speed to stymie this new threat to Kenya’s cyberspace. It is advisable for Kenyans to cooperate with the government in tackling cyber vandalism.

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