Al-Shabaab Front at Qoqani and Kulbiyow Againist KDF-AMISOM

Kenya Defense Forces, KDF, have launched a reconnaissance – scouting mission since Sunday to identify locations of tiny units of Al-Shabaab militants who are regrouping around the areas of Qoqani and Kulbiyow.

On Sunday, Al-Shabaab launched attacks on Kenya-AMISOM troops positions and bases located at Qoqani and Kulbiyow where intelligence sources confirm causalities.

Al-Shabaab units were pushed back with heavy causalities reported from their side after a lengthy and serious exchange of fire between the KDF troops and the militants.

Al-Shabaab are trying to use well trained and heavily armed commando-like units in these insurgency type of attacks hoping to gain ground in their former training grounds.

On Sunday morning, the militants launched an attack on both Qoqani and Kulbiyow KDF bases but were unable to make inroads after KDF troops preempted the attack.


Last month, we analyzed how Al-Shabaab would reignite their fireworks through different types of insurgency techniques including suicide missions and special ops units such as the ones used in the Sunday Qoqani and Kulbiyow attacks.

Al-Shabaab has been training child suicide bombers where they chain the children besides brainwash them to desired levels before deployment.

The Al-Qaeda militants are now starved of both cash and arms besides training/breeding ground making them disorganized and without legit command structures.

While their capability to launch special operations such as; attacks on military bases and terrorist attacks on civilian facilities, is still there, their area of operations has been degraded badly.

The militants are seeking new breeding ground to ensure they can still have some quality in their rank and fold while at the same time, they are desperate to control trade routes and make money to sustain their troops and operations.

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