Al-Shabaab Faction in Kenya Disintegrating; Leadership and Role of Cells Causing Rifts

SIN: Mombasa Kenya

Dead Al-Shabaab Killed by Kenya Army in 2014Local jihadists in Kenya are falling out after, massive elimination of terrorists cells, terror cell leaders, supremacy and leadership wrangles, intelligence reports show.

According to the intelligence report on Kenyan based jihadists particularly in Mombasa and Lamu, there is a steady decline of both unity of purpose and the role of each faction of Al-Shabaab in Kenya.

One key factor of this new twist is massive loss of Al-Shabaab operatives in Mombasa and Lamu.

Al-Shabaab core leadership in Somalia is battling similar problems as military action against militant troops continue to reduce the capacity of the terror group.

The trickle down effect of these leadership and operations command are seriously degrading the young jihadist outfits in Kenya.

Terror cells have been waiting for orders to execute terror attacks but some local leaders supported by their foreign handlers have differed on the ideological value of these attacks.

Intelligence reports further draws out the picture of ideological differences in the factions of the terror group.

There is every reason to believe we will have a faction that will fight or denounce the other and that will be very good since it will allow intelligence services and the counter-terrorism police to quickly dismantle and destroy terror cells which we expect to be exposed during internal confrontations.


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