Al-Shabaab Executes 5 Own Operatives by Firing, Including Teenage Boy

Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia have executed five people, including a 16-year-old boy, who they accused of spying for Kenyan, U.S. and Somali government forces.

The teenage boy and four men who belong to the terror group were publicly executed by a firing squad in the town of Idale about 60 kilometers south of Baidoa.

Al-Shabaab judge convicted them based on their alleged confessions of being spies. The operatives were executed for spying on Al-Shabaab militia movements, and working on to obtaining specific telephone contacts of key Al-Shabaab leaders, according to the judge.

Al-Shabaab has executed a total of 22 own operatives from last year based on spying allegations. The terror group has recent in the recent past targeted Kenyan jihadists accusing them of being spies and blaming them on their subsequent defeats. Several have since been killed.


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