Al Muhajiroun Denies Links To Radical Preacher Accused Of Terrorism In The UK

Anjem Choudary
Anjem Choudary, radical preacher facing terrorism chrges in UK


Radical preacher Anjem Choudary appeared before Westminster Magistrates’ court together with Mohammed Rahman on 5th August 2015.

They were both charged with the crime of inviting support for the Islamic State Takfiri. They indicated to plead not guilty and were remanded in custody until 28th August when their case would be heard again.


Radical preacher Anjem Choudary alongside another man Mohammed Rahman was aligned before a Westminster court with the charges of terrorist. Mr. Choudary, 48 who is described as ‘high profile figure’ in the media and social media is accused of recruiting for IS between June 2014 and March 6th 2015.

In an expected response to his charges he claimed that David Cameron and the police were the guilty party. The charges leveled against him include sending message to his huge following of 32,000 followers on Facebook.

Mr. Choudary and Mr. Rahman, 32 both of East London were arrested on 25th September last year on suspicions of belonging to a proscribed organization which is a crime in the United Kingdom.

They used the public lectures they gave individually to invite support for IS which were later posted online.

Mr. Choudary, a former lawyer is the former head of Islamist outfit al-Muhajiroun popularly known as Islam4UK that was banned in 2010.


Al-Muhajiroun (Emigrants of East Africa) an al-Qaeda affiliate terrorist group which has been linked to Mr. Choudary has officially denied any links between the radical preacher and them. This is a clear indication that the Al-Muhajiroun is not linked to the Islamic State seeing as Mr. Choudary is accused of recruiting for them.

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In the recent past the crackdown on errant and radical preachers who are recruiting for terrorist organizations has been intensified resulting to arrest and prosecution of them spreading radicalization to their followers.

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