Airstrikes Hit West Libyan Zintan’s Airport, Probable Attack by Tripoli-Allied Forces

A warplane carried out air strikes on an airport in a town in western Libya causing a minor damage to a passenger terminal, an official said on Wednesday.

No casualties were reported of the attack that occurred in Zintan, one of the towns hosting Lybian forces that have allied with the internationally recognised government.

These forces have sided with Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni’s government against the rival administration set up by forces who took over Tripoli during factional fighting in Libya.

The airplane that executed the strikes could not be identified with no party claiming responsibility for the attack but forces loyal to Thinni’s government and armed factions allied with Tripoli have carried out tit-for-tat air strikes for weeks on infrastructure and oil facilities as part of their conflict.

On 18 January 2014, the Libyan air force attacked targets in the south of Libya because of unrest blamed on forces loyal to ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi.

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