African Union (AU) Condemns Al-Shabaab Attack on SYL Hotel in Mogadishu

Security Forces  Seal of the Bomb SiteOSINT SUMMARY

African Union through the AMISOM’s Head of Mission has condemned the heinous act of terrorism targeting the innocent Somali civilians.

On Tuesday, Al-Shabaab in a truck loaded with explosives targeted SYL hotel in Mogadishu but Somali forces obstructed the truck thus preventing what would have been a large-scale attack.

Ambassador Francisco Madeira, AU Special Representative for Somalia said the truck loaded with explosives failed to reach its target after Somali security forces obstructed it with gunfire a premature explosion which left at least 22 people dead.

AMISOM through its Twitter account commended Somali forces for bravely and selflessly  thwarting an attack that who have caused massive deaths of Somalis.

Ambassador Madeira empathized with families of victims of the attack and wishes those who sustained injuries a quick recovery.

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