Activists Promoting Subversion in Kenya.

Subversion aims to weaken the economic, military and political strength of a government beside demoralizing it and exhausting its psychological resilience. The ultimate objective of subversion is to actualize the transformation of an established social order by permanently changing its structures of authority, hierarchy of power and chain of command. To conduct a successful subversion, existing value systems and set of principles must be contradicted in order to attack the public morale and degrade the value of national symbols. Subversion is preferred to belligerency as a vector of achieving political goals because it is relatively cheap, less risky and easy to carry out.

The GoK is being covertly assaulted by both external and internal forces that are using political and social activists as their proxies. The internal forces assaulting GoK are also largely subordinated to external powers which seek to alter the national system and also re-orient the economic and social configurations of Kenya.

Subversive forces have used activists to humiliate the government, demonize prominent personalities in the nation, and forestall certain critical developments. The subversive activists use insidious and dishonest means to incite civil disobedience and promote unprincipled agitation. It is also noteworthy that these activists use national symbols (such as the Kenyan flag) to engage in anti-government activities thereby degrading the value of such national symbols and also conceal the true intentions of their activities.

Recent events have revealed that activists are using subversive propaganda to provoke mass demonstrations, political strikes and civil strife in order to erode state power besides demoralizing and discrediting the government. Case in point, some prominent activists plotted to teargas children during a recent demonstration and then used the subsequent partial media reporting to discredit the police and in extension the GoK. Forensic audit of the events that occurred during the demonstrations have revealed that the activists possessed and blasted teargas canisters on children prior to requesting biased international journalists to record the events and present it in such a way that the Kenyan police engaged in teargassing children. Such presentation humiliated GoK besides discrediting the Kenyan police as enemies of the bill of Human rights. This was a stealth subversion which even the GoK could not recognize immediately thus issuing an apology.

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Stealth subversion cloaked as legitimate demonstrations, protests, sit-ins and rallies are able to exploit existing vulnerabilities in the constitution to covertly assault the Kenyan system and also undermine the government besides weakening the national resolve. This demands vigilance on the part of relevant authorities and for the citizenry to exercise the virtue of discreetness and discretion with relation to demonstrations, protests and public marches.

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