8-F-16 Fighters Awaiting Assembly in Kenya

New F-16 Fighter aircrafts have been lying in Kenya Defense Forces facilities awaiting assembly.

Kenya airforce, an arm of the KDF may have acquired the aircraft’s as part of its modernization efforts seen throughout out its wings particularly the 50-Air Calvary wing.

F-16 is a very capable fighter air-craft and its used by the United States, Israel, Egypt, Japan and other close allies of the United States.

There are a few issues that have to be looked into before the assembly, intelligence sources show, citing contractual agreements with American’s that will cover repair, spares, and fleet maintenance aspects of the contract.

Kenya has been buying arms from China and Russia isolating its once main source United States.

The Kenya airforce has been on the spotlight after defense officials were quoted hinting purchase of new fighter aircraft’s.

Currently Kenya Air Force uses F-5 fighter jets developed by the same company that developed and manufactured the F-16.

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