7 Ugandan Soldiers Captured by Al-Shabaab Terror Group


Uganda issued a statement, through its president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni confirming 7 soldiers as missing in action after their base at Janaale 80 Kilometers from Mogadishu was ambushed by terrorists.

Military Intelligence confirmed 7 soldiers were captured alive by the Somali Islamist militants Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen.

Uganda has put the number to 6 though intelligence reports show a different figure.

19 Uganda’s People Defense Forces (UPDF) officers were killed in the terror attack.

President Museveni reported the sacking and subsequent court martial of the base commanders besides cited poor alertness at the base as main factor that then led to the killing of 19 soldiers and the capture of 7 officers.


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The commanders of Uganda were reluctant in the camp they really messed everything until soldiers were killed and capture some soldiers.KDF are always alert with intelligent soldiers.

Initially they denied it even when the Western sources gave the information about it. Alshabaab killed more than 50 Ugandan troops,loaded their bodies into trucks n captured more than the number given above. Western countries are assisting alshabaab logistically and you perceive not. Japan is supplying Toyota to ISIS while USA gives them weapons calling them freedom fighters in Syria. the same applies to alshabaab