7 Killed in Somali Capital Blast, MP Abdullahi Ahmed Onko Escapes

At least seven people have died after a massive car bomb exploded in central Mogadishu, security officials report.

Four civilians and three police officers died from the bomb blast at KM4 junction in central Mogadishu, close to the Turkish embassy.

Al-Shabaab have stepped up their efforts to come back in Somalia by staging numerous attacks across the country.

Politician Escapes Car Bomb

A car bomb targeting Somalia legislator Abdullahi Ahmed Onko  exploded after the MP left his car. The MP who escaped unhurt proceeded to a hotel.

The explosion ripped apart the vehicle belonging to the legislator killing people who were nearby.

Abdullahi Ahmed Onko confirmed to security officials that he was not in the vehicle during the explosion.

He was the target of the assassination attempt.

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