7 dead and 20 injured in Twin suicide Bomb attacks in Northern Cameroon

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Sunday September 13th, Kolofata town in Northern Cameroon was the scene of twin suicide bomb attacks that killed at least 7 people and 20 injured. Kolofata is a town is near the border of Cameroon and Nigeria and has been previously and frequently targeted by the Boko Haram militants.


Twin Suicide attacks in the Northern Cameroonian town of Kolofata left 7 people dead and at least 20 others injured in the Sunday September 13th bombings. Kolofata is near the border of Nigeria and Cameroon and has been the target of several attacks by the Nigerian based jihadists; Boko Haram.

Credible OSINT reports the first attack was near a well in the town killing 3 people while the second attack was near a church killing at least 4 other people.

The northern region of Cameroon has in the past weeks become prone to attacks, kidnappings, raids and more seeing as on September 3rd; in a neighboring town similar mode bomb attacks killed at least 20 people.

Cameroon is a troop contributing country to the African Union approved multi-national task force that was formed to fight the self-proclaimed Western Caliphate of the Islamic State-Boko Haram. Other members of the force that has achieved tremendous gains against the Boko Haram are; Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Benin.

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