7 Al-Shabaab Suspects Arrested in Bulo-Burde NISA Security Mop-up Operation

Al-Shabaab swoopBULO-BURDE, Somalia, March 6, 2016,

Reports from Somalia indicate that security forces on Saturday carried a major operation and arrested seven suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists in Bulo-Burde on Saturday.

NISA launched a security major mop-up operation which targeted several suburbs of the town and nearby villages.

The district commissioner of Bulo-Burde Abdulaziz Durow said the operation aimed at providing security in the city as well as flushing out Al-Shabaab militants hiding in the town was a success.

Durow said such operations will be intensified across all the localities and he called on residents to collaborate with security forces in terms of giving out information/intelligence to in order to weed out the Al-Shabaab terrorist group.

The commissioner confirmed the seven arrested in the swoop will be interrogated for more leads on the jihadist plans and operations in the area.

Similar security operation have been in the past few days witnessed whereby SNA and AMISOM troops have conducting search and cordon operations in localities in Hiiraan region in a renewed effort to dislodge Al-shabaab fighters.

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