60-Year Old Woman Charged with Managing Terrorist’s Property in Nairobi

A 60-year old woman was charged in a Nairobi court for managing property belonging to a terrorist.

The woman was collecting rent from the property of suspected Al-Shabaab militant and remitting the money to Kismayu in Somalia

The woman identified as Rose Awinja Ondumu however denied two charges of dealing with property owned by a terrorist and collecting of funds financing terrorists’ activities.

Police investigation indicate that for a span of four years, Awinja has been managing a property at Umoja Estate Nairobi within Nairobi County owned by the slain Anwar Yogan Mwok, a member of Al-Shabaab.

The prosecution said the house is located at Nasra Gardens Estate plot number 157/826 Zone B within Umoja II and neighbours Mama Lucy Hospital.

Investigations continues after Awinja was released on a bond and after saying she is sick and that was on medication.

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