6 Mombasa Leaders and Al-Shabaab are Sponsoring Radical Youth Violence, Intelligence

Intelligence gathered by Strategic Intelligence show that 6 leaders from the Coastal region are working with radical youths and Al-Shabaab agents to destabilize the coastal region through violence.

Terror cells have morphed to political-religious tools and taking over mosques is their core objective. This objective is t render the coastal regions lawless and compliant to radical Islam.

Intelligence gathered by Strategic Intelligence show that Al-Shabaab is seeking stronger ties with Kenyan Muslim community through establishment of radical Islam leadership in Mosques and followers.

This strategy is working and it threatens to break the coastal region and leave it a den and breading ground for terrorists.

More intelligence shows that Al-Shabaab terrorists are desperate to establish a presence in Kenya with the intent of spreading across the region.

David James, Director of Intelligence at Strategic Intelligence warns that Al-Shabaab is seeking to destabilize Kenya from two fronts, The North Eastern and the Coastal region. This will give them access to the greater East Africa besides the Islamic Maghreb. If this happens, East, Central, and North Africa will be Al-Qaeda’s new operating zone.

Kenya has stepped up the war on terror and has continued to profile Mosques and radical preachers.

Leaders supporting radicalization or actively involved in helping the terror outfits are under government watch.


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