58 Boko Haram Terrorists Killed, Weapons, Motorcycles And Food Supplies Seized In Musari-Borno State

58 boko haram killedMarch 23, 2016: The Nigerian military said that on Monday they killed at least 58 Boko Haram terrorists and seized cache of weapons and food supplies being ferried to the militants.

According to the military statement, the terrorists were killed by troops of the Army’s 153 Task Force Brigade and 5 Brigade who executed the decimation operation in Musari Area of Borno State. The militants are among the Boko Haram remnants that have remained in the area following thorough clearance operations by the army.

The military recovered 2 hand grenades, 52 motorcycles, several bags of food supplies; beans, onions, sweet potatoes, guinea corn and cartons of fish.

The past two day have been very active and successful for the Nigerian troops as they have smoked out militants in the following areas Abukarti, Baradili, Borgozo, Gaijaribul Abukar, kolomi, Marguba, Umarumi and Yasori 1 and 2 and detonated explosive devices both by the roadsides and in several buildings in the areas herein mentioned.

Nigerian troops have in the past few months changed tact in dealing with the Boko Haram with most of the operation missions being offensive and ‘guerilla-like’ aping the militants to incorporate the element of surprise and smoke them out of their hideouts.

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