5 Al-Shabaab Operatives Killed  in Seydhelow Southern Somalia

At least 5 Al-Shabaab operatives were killed in the wake of battling between the Somali National Army (SNA) supported by the African Union Peacekeeping Troops (AMISOM) and Al-Shabaab in Seydhelow area about nearly 30 kilometers north of Baidoa town in Bay district southwest Somalia, authorities said Thursday.

Clergyman of recovery of Militias for Southwest State in Somalia, Hassan Hussein Mohamed told correspondents that Special police forces led effective operation against what he called foes of the general population.

"Our Special Police Forces launched an operation at Seydhelow area where the terror based operatives were offering the water wells from destitute individuals, the police reacted the worry of local people there, we killed five Al-Shabaab terrorists, wounded  several  others and we showed their bodies to the media here in Baidoa town today", Mr. Hussein said.

The Minister included that there are no setbacks on their sides, however guaranteed losses on the activists, saying they likewise recuperated weapons amid the operation there.

Al-Shabaab operatives did not remark on the most recent triumph guaranteed by Somali authorities in the area as such.

At least seven individuals including two soldiers on a minibus were killed while six others were wounded after Al-Shabaab terror operatives opened fire at a vehicle at Daynunay area about 30 kilometers south of Baidoa town in a similar district on Dec.23, 2016.

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