3 Kenyans & a Somali Arrested En-route to Libya to join ISIS

Three Kenyans and a Somali refugee have been arrested in south Sudan en-route to join the vicious Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in Libya.

The three Kenyans identified as Said Ahmed Dabow, Adan Sheikh, Mohamed Abdi Mohamed and a Somali national Abdiqani Abdishakur Shobaywere were arrested by South Sudanese security officers while seeking facilitation to travel to Libya.

According to security sources, the four were apprehended following close operations between the security agents of the two East African nations.

Kenyan Anti-terror police unit are now pursuing two Kenyan terror suspects identified as Ali Hussein Ali and Ibrahim Abasheikh. The two are believed to be recruiting Kenyans youths to join the terror network in Libya and other destinations.

These arrests come against the backdrop of intensified counter terrorism and anti-human trafficking efforts in the country and across the region.

Meanwhile, police are closely following the trails of Nicholas Karanja Mwangi alias Said Mwangi, an ISIS recruiter and radicaliser who is currently on the run.

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