2-Anthrax Terror Plotters Arrested in Nairobi’s Kenyatta National Hospital


The Kenya Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) reported the successful arrest and detaining of two medical students plotting to conduct a biological terror attack (BTA) against soft-civillian targets in the Republic of Kenya.

The terrorists, linked to an ISIS cell in East Africa were captured by the ATPU at Kenyatta National Hospital, the largest modern medical facility in the region.

The arrest of the duo comes  2 week after the other cell (2-operatives) were intercepted and arrested by Kenya Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU).

The ISIS cell has been plotting a "large-scale" biological attack using anthrax in Kenya.

Intelligence officials identified the cell and police, using the actionable intelligence, were able to intercept the cell and preempt the threat successfull.

Kenya has so far proved resillient and able to contain terrorism.

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