11 Dead, 52 Injured In Galkayo Over States Border Disputes; Leaders Call For Ceasefire

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November 23, 2015; at least 11 people were killed and over 50 other injured in clashes between forces allied to Puntland and Galmudug administrations.

The fighting was fueled when the two armed forces clashed over hauling accusations towards each other in Galkayo that has been under the two states.

Puntland is accused by their compatriot of encroaching on their land where they are building a road. This accelerated to a fight that led to a fierce gunfight with stray bullets injuring innocent civilian among them women and children.

Federal Interior Minister Abdirahman Odowaa has called on both warring sides to a ceasefire that will see democratic option explored to resolve the crisis.

Border disputes in Somalia have in the past caused violence since Somalia hasn’t had a functional federalized system for its states in a long time doubled with swathes of land under the al Shabaab militants.

Somalia’s coming general elections are being viewed as very significant as they will restore federalization and which will to a great extent address the delicate instability and suspicion among the different states in Somalia.

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